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Tourism is booming in Los Cabos, the municipality that includes Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo and the Tourist Corridor in between. The Los Cabos region is undeniably one of the most rapidly growing areas in México. It is comprised of historic, colonial San José del Cabo to the east, and thriving Cabo San Lucas to the west, and connected by the twenty-mile Tourist Corridor. It is astonishing to view the recent evolution of vacation travel and tourism within this quaint region of Baja California Sur, México.

Article by Lindsay Blake in Los Cabos Magazine - Issue 8 - Section One of Two sections.

The Baja California Peninsula consists largely of mountainous desert and because of the dry climate it is not nearly as fertile as areas on the mainland. Initially, building and living in this region was not easy. Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos have relied heavily on the legendary sportfishing to draw tourists to this area for their vacation travels. In the past ten years, world-class golf and more luxury resorts and hotels have expanded the attraction to this area. In the early-nineties, however, the tourism industry began to increase dramatically and Cabo San Lucas has continued to flourish. With the number of world-class beach resorts and spas that have been built in the past five to ten years, and the number currently under development, it has been astounding to witness the transformation of this once sleepy little fishing village into a major tourist destination. The upsurge in tourism has created high demands on the hotel industry and rapid development has become a necessity. The persistent growth is reflected in the increased number of hotel rooms in the region. In 1998 the total combined number of hotel rooms in the Los Cabos area was 5,731 compared to the number in 2002 of 8,907 rooms, and growing. Those numbers are expected to reach 9,954 rooms by the end of 2003, a figure that almost doubles the number of rooms in the area in only five years. This increase is primarily attributed to the construction of new hotels but it is also due to the fact that existing hotels and resorts are finding the need to expand their total capacity.

It is relatively easy to discover what has put Los Cabos on the map—charming Mexican culture, friendly people, warm, tropical weather with little rain, exquisite beaches, crystal blue water containing vibrant sea life, and unforgettable sunsets. Those are the intangibles. The allure has been enhanced by excellent restaurants, lively nightlife, elegant resorts, water sports, unparalled sportfishing, not to mention the world-renowned golf courses and first-rate spas. In many ways, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos is the ideal vacation paradise, and this is evident as the fast-paced growth keeps everyone coming back for more!

Within the three distinct areas of Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas, The Tourist Corridor and San José del Cabo, tourists, and locals, alike, will find numerous opportunities for fun and relaxation among the hotels, luxury resorts, spas and beach / golf resorts in the region. They offer, in design and comfort, everything from traditional Spanish architecture and elegant simplicity, to more contemporary, and prestigious, first-class luxury. Each hotel or resort in Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo or along the Tourist Corridor has its own unique, inventive style and creative ambiance, as well as exclusive services and activities, that will suit the needs and interests of any business or vacation traveler.

Pueblo Bonito at Sunset Beach is one of Cabo San Lucas’s newest extravegant resorts, set in a uniquely serene and isolated area outside Cabo San Lucas on the Pacific Ocean. Still under development, the first phase of this resort opened in February 2002 and currently has 118 suites available. Upon completion, the resort will comprise of 519 suites, all with spectacular ocean views. Located on seventy-five acres of pristine beachfront property, the architecture of this hotel combines the old hacienda style with modern Spanish and Mexican sway. The luxury resort will offer complete deluxe amenities including several pools, fine dining options, a European-style Spa and a full-service salon. From its world-class accommodations to the lush and inventive landscape, this luxurious resort is the ultimate vacation getaway.

Further east, is Hotel Solmar Suites, also located on the Pacific Ocean and a short walk to town. Situated at the southern tip of Baja California Sur, Solmar is one of the older Cabo San Lucas Resorts, but with a major expansion in the past five years Solmar has also increased its occupancy. Before the expansion, the most appealing aspect of Solmar was that all the suites were oceanfront boasting unforgettable views. There are now additional oceanfront suites, as well as garden view suites. No matter which type you choose, your experience at Solmar will be superlative. Complete with full services and amenities, Hotel Solmar Suites is a genuine Cabo San Lucas treasure.

Another of Cabo’s original hotels is Hotel Finisterra just up the street from Solmar Suites. This luxurious hotel is set in the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Like Solmar, as Cabo San Lucas grew, so did Finisterra. Over the past several years the hotel opened new deluxe accommodations while maintaining its intrinsic characteristics.

Situated on the Pacific between Finisterra and Hotel Solmar Suites is the exclusive Playa Grande Resort. Built in the charming Mexican hacienda-style architecture, this resort is growing fast and becoming one of the more desirable hotel destinations in Los Cabos. At press time, the resort had 292 suites, all with breathtaking views, but is in the process of building 68 more suites, as well as a new lobby area and a state-of-the-art spa and fitness center. Playa Grande Resort offers five different types of suites ranging from quaint and simple, to spacious and opulent. The most recent expansion is scheduled for completion by the end of 2004. Playa Grande is already a jewel on Solmar Beach.

Médano Beach, probably the most well-known and popular beach in Cabo, is host to several great hotels and luxury resorts. The beach’s great location and the fact that its water is safe for swimming makes the hotels on Médano Beach popular for families and young adults. The beautifully maintained and oldest resort in Cabo San Lucas is the Hotel Hacienda Beach Resort. Tucked away on a little peninsula extending slightly into the bay, this lovely resort defines the terms splendor and relaxation. At this hotel, you will find that the lush, tropical gardens are laden with color and aromatic scents that compliment the natural surroundings and modern architecture while maintaining the Colonial Spanish style. Amenities include a swimming pool, tennis court, gym, and spa as well as two magnificent restaurants.

Meliá San Lucas is the oldest of the three Sol Meliá Hotels and the only one located on Médano Beach. This hotel has 150 rooms all with breathtaking views of the Sea of Cortez and the world famous Arch at land’s end. The exterior façade is Mexican; earthy natural tones, high ceilings and open spaces representative of the traditional hacienda style. Due to the setting, this Meliá is a beach lover’s paradise and offers additional amenities such as pools, tennis courts, and the full service Avanti Spa, one of the groundbreaking spas in Los Cabos.

Villa del Palmar Resort and Spa, designed in a contemporary Mediterranean style, combines the natural beauty of Cabo San Lucas with top-of-the-line accommodations and world-class amenities. Set apart from the other hotels on Médano Beach, Villa del Palmar, offers the perfect combination of location, relaxation, and privacy. Upon walking into this prestigious hotel, it is obvious that your stay is going to be nothing short of first-class. The nine-story atrium lobby with its spectacular waterfalls, salt-water aquarium, and seashell chandeliers, reflect the paradise you just entered. Complete with 458 rooms ranging from studios to three-bedroom ocean-view suites with full kitchens, Villa del Palmar is a gem on Médano Beach. Among the long list of amenities the hotel has to offer, the spa at Villa del Palmar is one of the best in Los Cabos. The 10,000 square foot contemporary European Spa offers the latest treatments available from around the world, and is well known for their packages combining body care treatments with massage therapy.

Marina Sol Resort is located downtown, just minutes from Médano beach, and is excellent for families with children for it has an large enclosed courtyard and each condominium is equipped with a full kitchen for your convenience. Other amenities include a gym and spa, heated pool, and Jacuzzi to make your stay as pleasurable as possible.

Article by Lindsay Blake in Los Cabos Magazine - Issue 8 - Section One of Two sections.

Hotels, Luxury Resorts and Spas of Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos - Section Two

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